Monday, October 18, 2010

Shot outline of first scene

Here are notes I am working on for the first scene in the film. I will be shooting this in November. First the sets, the actors over green screen. The blue is the narration, and the black is the description of the action and setting (and explanation of the process I am using to make these images):

Blue TV Screen- VHS 'PLAY' icons on pops up- TV Static starts playing/ the sound of static heightens as the static on the screen slowly turns into red static. 

Before Eve, there was Lillith. 

A white alien like female figure starts to rise out of the static, as if she were floating to the surface of water. (perhaps will have her rise in a fetal like position instead- will do both takes to see what works best).

C.U. on face emerging--- her eyes open- they are they same red static (will be done with green paint over the actors closed eyes- they will have to perform with there eyes closed- this might add an interesting element to the performance as well with a sense of exploration and uncertainty that i can play with).

In this birds eye view shot, the figure stands up. The static color morphs back into a grayish regular color. 'Lilith' sits up.

God formed the first woman from the earth, just as he had Adam. 

C.U. (no longer birds eye view) of Lilith- a little disoriented, looking around. A man's white hand comes into frame, offering to help her up. 

C.U. of Adam's face- he is also a white alien-like figure with static for eyes

C.U Lilith- she looks up hesistantly, then takes it, standing up.

W.S. of the two standing and looking at each other.

The 'Garden of Eden' (green screened out) will be look similar to Tony Oursler's approach to set design (colors and card board cheapness/ glow sticks and black light will play a big role in this- i dont want to copy his look or anything, these are just the materials Im into right now- that and Liquid Sky Neon---yay, I just totally got myself excited while writing this down!) Materials I need to collect: black lights, glow sticks, glow and the drak neon paint, x-mas lights of varying colors (red would be good)- GLITTER!

The background will be a black poster board covering a television screen. There will be pieces cut out to represent the moon and stars. The screen will spill out different colored tv static in through these holes. 

The surrounding 'flora and fauna' that make the garden of eden will be fake garish glitter flowers that sit in vines of 'wires and circuitry- illuminated by glow sticks. There will be patches of green that i will use to hey and replace with other images (static/ fuzzy abstract fantasy rape porn etc.) I am also a fan of dead trees- so i will work those in there somewhere. (Shout out to Chris: TWISTED WILLOW IS BACK- Cue evil laugh)

The ground will be green so i can key it out with gray static- which is the source of the dust and earth right now. Now that the scene is set- BACK TO THE ACTION:

But instead of molding her from pure dust and clay....he used filth and sediment.

M.S. of Lilith and Adam looking into each others eyes.

C.U. of Adam's eyes- the static flickers and glows with white and soft yellows.

C.U. of Lilith's eyes- the static flickers with red and neon. Zoom into Lilith's eyes- the imagery bleeds into fuzzy abstract fragments found in fantasy rape porn- focusing on moments of struggle and force. We move out from this imagery and reveal it inside the construction of the static ground of the set.

Adam and Lillith never found peace together; for when he wished to lie with her, she took offense at the recumbent posture he demanded. 

M.S. of Lilith lying down. Adam comes into frame, slowly leaning on top of her. 

C.U. of Lilith's face- Adam's hand slowly stroke her cheek. Lilith stops the hand, slowly moving it away. She and Adam sit up as she keeps him at a distance.

'Why must I lie beneath you?' she asked. I also was made from the dust, and am therefore your equal'. 

M.S. of Lilith looking at Adam then at the ground.

C.U. of Lilith's hand as she scoops up some static from the ground.

M.S. of Lilith and Adam as Lilith brings her hand up to Adam's face, showing him the static.

C.U. of Adam's face looking at the hand in frame- his static eyes change and morph into other abstract images (not sure what yet). 

Adam grabs Lilith's wrist tightly, making her drop the static. 

Adam then tried to compel Lilith's obedience by force. 

C.U. of the ground, as Lilith's hand falls into frame, pinned by Adam's hand, struggling.

The hand sinks into the static. The static starts to fuzz and bleed into fragmented saturated fuzzy images of fantasy rape porn (maybe no fuzzy- maybe sharp and digitally harsh- will feel it out when editing). (10 seconds of this) Cut to black.

M.S. bird's eye view of Adam and Lilith lying on the ground in the spooning position. 

C.U. of Lilith waking up- she removes Adam's arm that are wrapped around her (he stays asleep).

C.U. birds eye view of her looking at his face touching his cheek. She gets stands up.

Lilith left the garden of eden

C.U. of Adam's face as Lilith's feet leave the frame. Linger on his face for a moment as his hands come up to his eye's, (bringing the green paint up to them so they open in static). He looks around for Lilith sitting up.

M.S. of Adam's face coming into frame- facing the camera as he looks around. Lilith's figure is in the distance on the other side of the frame. Adam whips his head around, seeing her disappear into a sea dark abtract imagery (not sure what yet- editing concern)

M.S. (opposite angel of Adam reaching out towards Lilith, but he is too late and looks melancholy in defeat)- Move into zoom C.U. of his eye- we are enveloped by the images inside.

Adam complained to God about Lillith deserting him. 

Epileptic static and feedback surrounding a glowing orb in the center that pulsates.

So God sent his angels to fetch her. 

From inside the orb births 3 small glowing orbs (that they themselves contain swirling images of human feature that never stay still) They float out of frame.

They found her beside the Red Sea, copulating with hundreds of demons...

The three orb/angels flost into a new frame. The screen and sky for this scene is pure television (no poster board blocking). On screen is saturated static image of actual sky near twilight (more mint green in color hue im thinking)

M.S. -The 3 angels come to the center and make an arc, floating as they stay in place. They float down offscreen.

M.S. od Lilith's body surrounded by green screened out hands (6 hands- 3 people- can cheat with 2) they caress up and down her body (the imagery inside the hands is a mashup of scaly reptilian horror---things!)

C.U. face being caresed in ecstacy

C.U. breasts and stomach heaving

C.U. legs being caressed.

C.U. crotch being caressed

W.S. whole body jerking in ecstacy, head jerking back- then hands jerk away at climax offscreen. Lilith slowly lowers her head, looking at the camera, breathing heavily.

giving birth to a new race of women- the lilin.

C.U. of face.

C.U. vagina (it is keyed out with a 'safe' green cotton structure with imagery that pulsates with red eradic static. Blood starts to pour out from her vagina onto the ground (green paint- keyed out- replaced with more red static- we zoom into the blood)

Inside the blood- footage of colorful sperm and eggs- fetuses- static etc. Zoom out from blood revealing it to be Lilith's eye.- move into c.u.

M.S. Lilith laying on the ground with her children (almost in a nursing puppies position)- the lilin are small (baseball small) green screened out mushy sacks that have tiny little naked women floating around in them in a fetal position- they are made out of tv static- the background in the ball is pretty fabric that i will find- glitter. They are on the ground in front of Lilith- she caresses them tenderly (about 8 balls i guess- dont wanna go crazy)

'Return to Adam without delay' said the angels 'or we will all your offspring. 

M.S. of Lilith to the right side of the frame caressing her children. On the left side the angels float into frame trying to get her attention. M.S. of Lilith grabbing one of her ball children.

Lillith refused to leave the Red Sea, and said to the angels 'my daughters cannot be killed, they are immortal like me.' 

C.U. of the ball in Lilith's hand as she holds it up to the angels. The female embryo floats around.

God decided to punish Lilith, by cursing her children with one fatal flaw: 

C.U. Vagina TV- Inside is the moon- fade into blood red static.

Each full moon night, their blood would spill until they were drained empty... 

...unless they lay with a son of Adam.

C.U. Same shot- inside vagina abrupt cut to m.s. of Adam's penis.

Over time, Lilith lost millions of children. But she would still bear at least one new lilin every one hundred years....through the depths of filth she herself came from. 

Vag TV Still- C.U. of Lilith showing emotion for the first time, covers her face in static (green paint) and cries in agony.

And every son of Adam that dare lie with a lilin, would soon meet his end.

W.S. Garden of Eden- Adam in the center sitting down, looking in the distance.

C.U. Adam's face- he turns to face the camera- Zoom into his static eyes.

Inside static- abruptly turns off (tv turn off style) with harsh sound- turns back on- Louise c.u. with remote to the tv as she films herself.

WTF have I gotten myself into!!!

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